July 1, 2014

Marking the exact day that 2014 is essentially half way over and before I look to what’s coming in the future, I wanted to take a look back at some of the cool experiences from the year so far.

From gallery shows to fashion shows, I try to bring a range of artful experiences to my visitors. Like everyone else interested in the arts and fashion, its out there for you to see, you just have to go see it. Live it. Walk inside of it. These experiences are always fun to be apart of and create, and I hope I inspire you go check it out for yourself.

So as we look back at the last 6 months of 2014, I wanted to put together a small collection of MyBoyB’s top posts to wrap up what’s happened so far. Check them out and enjoy.


5. PHXFW Spring Into Fashion Show

An annual event highlighting some of the states best fashion stylists, Phoenix Fashion Week completely took over the Arizona Center with a Q & A style press conference before hitting the runway showcasing new styles for the spring.

Spring Into Fashion


4. The CityScape Series

A playful collection of graphic designs incorporating some of the worlds most know cities. (Available for purchase very soon)



3. Addition by Subtraction: Pejac

Pejac’s minimalistic style was definitely something worth showcasing when I stumbled upon his work. A new fan favorite with my social community, I’m glad I can open your eyes to some of the great artists we have in this world.



2. Art Detour 26 

A monumental event in the Art community and for the city of Phoenix, Art Detour is quoted to be, “ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS IN PHOENIX’S CALENDAR “– CITY OF PHOENIX MAYOR GREG STANTON. And of course MyBoyB was there to bring you the experience.



1. Artel PHX 2014

Slated as the Worlds Largest Hotel Art Installation Show, I was lucky enough to be the feature blogger for the showcase. I got the chance to meet some great artists and become drenched in the artistic atmosphere ARTELPHX put together.