Coming around for the second time, ARTELPHX is proving itself to be a worthwhile experience for the local art-seekers. Debuting in September 2013, ARTELPHX 2014 is slated as the world’s largest independent hotel art installation show, and the community is certainly turning their attention to what’s being held right in their own backyard.

Held at The Clarendon Hotel in Downtown Phoenix this past weekend, the setting couldn’t be any more perfect. Centered around The Oasis Pool and the cabana lounge area where there were numerous performances throughout the night, a total of 13 different rooms were creatively transformed by numerous artists, rightfully engulfing the hotel for the next couple of nights.

Even with some artwork taking the forefront in people’s minds and getting multitudes of traffic to certain rooms, I can easily say there wasn’t a piece of work or performance that didn’t capture my attention in some way. Maybe it was the creative atmosphere or all the people around having a great time walking the different floors, but either way, you had to make sure to see it all.

Daniel Funkhouser is quickly thought of as having the most sought after room of the night, holding his vintage frame inspired piece, “Familiar Glimpse with Theoretical Spectacle with Transparent Illusion with ArtSelfie“, it was perfectly aligned and somehow hypnotized you into taking at least one quick selfie.

Another art display that caught me by surprise was the choreographed performance by Lisa Chow and the Desert Dance Theatre. Performed by the Oasis Pool, I couldn’t help but be slightly confused when all of a sudden a loud voice screamed out “ARE THESE THE RIGHT CHAIRS?!”, all while holding a stack of about 15 patio chairs and looking to do something with them. Weird right? Then all of a sudden, a rhythm started being built. Each step, choreographed to the slamming of each chair on the ground in perfect unison. Dancing around each other acting out a play without saying a word, letting their feet do the talking.

I went from confused to amazed in seconds, and for good reason. Good Job guys.

Valerie Hunt and her “Aging Sucks” installation was also another hit at ARTELPHX this year. Surrounding her room with the negatives of photographed hands and asking the simple question, “How old are you deep inside?”, it was definitely a room you had to check out. Depicting the idea that our hands tell the true age of our body’s, Valerie also filled us in on another project she was working on that collected and featured all of her photographed hands for the night. Seems pretty cool and I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for this, don’t worry.

All in all, ARTELPHX is certainly bringing something different and special to the art-scene in Phoenix. An impressive event that not only has you viewing the many different forms of art, but has you stepping inside of them as well. Becoming a great show and staple within the community, I can only imagine the next one is going to be even better.


For more information on ARTELPHX visit the official website here.