Practice, Practice, Practice…


Like any craftsman of work, to become an expert or specialist, you need to practice. To be good at anything, you need to practice.  Sorry to break it to you, but Michael’s Secret Stuff doesn’t exist. You need to get out and do your “craft” over, and over, and over again until what you do, can’t be done by anyone else.

So last night, I decided to have a little fun with a new design complex and create a couple of CityScape images highlighting popular city skylines. I started out with a simple image for MyBoyB and in true creative form, turned it into something similar, but different.

Check out the Series above and tell me what you think.


I can also make personalized images if you like. So if you want one with your name or a specific city, feel free head over to the Contact page and email me. I got you.