Oh hey there 2015, that was quick!…


2014 might have gone by fast, but man, did we accomplish a lot. If you kept up with me at all (which I know a lot of you did), you would know that we had great year last year. In regards to establishing a name and brand for My Boy B, 2014 was one for the books. We established a weekly art connection in Featured Artist Friday, were the Feature Blogger for ARTELPHX‘s Spring Show, attended countless art shows including Arizona’s biggest art event Art Detour 26, and won a Battle of the Blogs competition for Arizona Foothills Magazine which landed me a feature spot with “5 Ways For Guys To Gain Major Style Points”. But like I always say, I may spend the time creating and connecting on the back-end, but I couldn’t have this platform if it wasn’t for you guys, the readers and followers.

So if you haven’t seen my yearly List of Accomplishments before, it’s basically a way to hold myself accountable for my personal and professional goals by proclaiming them done, as I currently pursue them. A way to predict the future for myself. A way to see myself doing what I’ve always wanted to do, and getting something I’ve always wanted to get. A way to set myself up for what I intended to happen, while making it happen.

For instance, if I look back at last years list, I acquired and accomplished everything I wanted to except for covering an out-of-state art or fashion show. And even though I had some picked out and passed on some opportunities as I put in crazy hours for the Blog competition, that’s no excuse… So in that case, I’ll add them to this years list.

This year looks to be a good one for what I have planned. I hope you guys continue with me and my journey as a creative designer and stay tuned to what I have coming up…

Impress yourself. Be accountable for your own story.

Here’s my 2015 List of Accomplishments and I hope you all make one too.


  • Bought/ Received 4 new pieces of original artwork.
  • Branched out and did media coverage for 3 different events out of the state.
  • Created and completed at least 3 Main-Stream creative art projects curated through MyBoyB.com.
  • Opened the Official My Boy B Shop online.
  • Stepped forward in promoting mens fashion, style, and design.
  • Collaborated with at least 3 different blogger/artists.
  • Attended Phoenix Fashion Week.


I know it may look like a lot, but hey, that just means this year should be fun… What’s on your List of Accomplishments for 2015?