The Button Bow (Tie, Headband, Necklace… Anything)


Brilliantly crafted from the remnants of high quality designer fabrics, The Button Bow puts a new and creative spin on the simple bow tie, easy enough for anyone to play with. Brought to life by designer and owner Alyssa Bird from Regenerous Designs, she has found a cool and effortless way to incorporate something special for the guys into her growing accessories line that seems to be a hit right out the gates.

Designed to be worn as a bow tie, a necklace, a headband, and around your bun (for the ladies), versatility is obviously the primary benefit of The Button Bow. Separated into two different pieces, the button bow and the button band, it makes it that much easier to mix and match all the different combinations and have a little fun with it. And with the bows being made from remnants of the same fabric patterns, each bow is not only considered a limited edition item, but also a one-of-a-kind accessory piece as well. Fun for everybody.

As a local menswear advocate, I’ve made it my mission to raise the awareness of mens style around my city, and I’m glad I ran into Alyssa who has working on something special just for us.

To check out more of what The Button Bow has to offer, Regenerous Designs has actually started an entire campaign for the release of their newest item on KickStarter starting May 12th. So head over there to pledge a little or pledge a lot, but either way, this design is in the works and for good reason.


“The world’s most versatile bow. Handmade bows and bands you can change as easily as buttoning your shirt.”


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The Button Bands

The Button Bow

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