So recently, I decided to be a tad spontaneous, invest in something useful and get myself a little present. A new shiny red Nikon CoolPix L810. Nothing too fancy, too over the top, but a definite come up that’ll do the trick. Not that this makes me any more of a photographer than it did last week, it was just a needed step in getting past the fact that the best images I could get were on my phone.

Because I go to all these art showcases, see all these different artists, and dive into this culture, it motivates me more to finally express Myself and put My own spin on things. Not just to be about it on the outside, but want to understand it from the inside.

So like any new toy you get, I have to test it out right?

And that is exactly what I did. I searched a couple scavenger hunts online, put the batteries in, and got right to it. I collected a lot of good photos while walking and driving around my part of the valley, just trying to understand this new toy. So I think its only proper that I share them with you.