Built up to the highest degree in the local Phoenix art community, this months First Friday was something special for the art junkies in the city. And if you don’t know what First Friday is, let me fill you in.

First Friday – A free self-guided tour of downtown Phoenix galleries, studios and art spaces dedicated to opening their doors on the first friday of every month.

Hosted by Artlink, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together artists, businesses, and the community, First Friday started in the 1980’s and has grown every year. Connected to the infamous Art Detour, March has always seemed to be the perfect time to let it all show.

Not only did I catch wind that plenty of artists exhibiting their work throughout the night, I was put on to something called Paint PHX that gathered some of the best local muralists to put up brand new pieces in celebration of the weekend. Hosted by “Breeze” Marcus, Paint PHX is definitely something I’m going to look more into. If you didn’t know, I am a huge fan of murals and use of big amounts of space. I know it takes time and patience but appreciate it to the fullest. We managed to catch one artist in a random back alley putting up fresh paint, but with all the commotion of people and lights, we didn’t have much luck finding any other hidden muralists.

In typical First Friday style (and having started with a beer or two from Angels Trumpet) we explored the night by wandering into the random art studio and galleries that filled the street, looking for any and everything creative and expressive. From glowing cars to pop up shops along every block, it was easy to tell why it was one of the most popular art events in Phoenix. Based upon the notion of getting the entire downtown community involved, the masses are definitely liking the sensation that is First Friday in Phoenix and I hope I get to watch it grow from the inside.

Check out a couple of the images below and let me know if you want to go next month… haha