As I start to dive into the world of fashion and Menswear brands, I am really starting to take notice of the people who focus on the quality of their products. And submitted clothing company Jipsy Jack shows just that with their newest release, “White+Black Outerwear Capsule Collection.”

Based in Australia and founded in 2010, Jipsy Jack is kept as an underground label specializing in clean-cut and premium outerwear for the street-fashionable. With a simple and modern spin on the “reinterpreted 90’s style”, the collection has some stylish essentials for the upcoming season. Sticking to the monochromatic palette with hints of red and yellow color, the design is clearly the focus of each piece. Very nice!

And as we get going into the winter season, a well designed and fashionable outerwear collection should start to seep its way into your style. Make sure to keep an eye out for something classy, well put together, and versatile to keep you going.

Enjoy the collection…




001 - Jipsy Jack

002 Jipsy Jack

003 Jipsy Jack

004 Jipsy Jack

005 Jipsy Jack

006 Jipsy Jack

007 Jipsy Jack

008 Jipsy Jack

009 Jipsy Jack

010 Jipsy Jack

011 Jipsy Jack

012 Jipsy Jack