Innovative, Stylish, and Trendy.

Gaining some real momentum in Phoenix and around the nation, Black Russian Label is looking to turn some heads with their current collection, Global Trek. A high-end fashion label designed by Joanna de’Shay, BRL’s mission is to artistically fuse various cultures into global and eclectic pieces, representative of today’s international woman, and from my point of view, they are doing a great job at it.

Experimenting with idea of specially placed zippers along the shoulders and pant legs to not only combine for an edgier look, but also create for a more versatile collection. Perfect for the on-the-go woman that can’t help but add at least a little spice to her outfits. The clever play on vibrant colors and contrasting neutral colors help turn even the idea of a simple black dress into something a bit more fierce at the easy pull of a zipper.

Recognized as the 2009 Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer of the Year, its looks like Joanna just might be on to something. Currently the exclusive fashion designer for the 2013 Spring Arizona Jazz Festival and official Nominee for the Hope of Africa Designer of the Year Award, its hard to turn away from this type of recognition. Worn by R&B artist CeCe Penniston and Phoenix television news reporters Kim Covington and Kristin Anderson, it’s amazing to see someones hard work pay off and become accepted by the world around us. Also showing in the prestigious MAGIC  Trade-show in Las Vegas later this month to debut her newest collection, I can’t wait to see what she has next.


Available in select boutiques around the Phoenix metropolitan area and online, be sure to check out Black Russian Label and their unique collection.