Does That Answer Your Question?

Because my intentions are good.

Whether your out to prove other people wrong, or prove yourself right, you are in control of that. People do not have to understand your methods of what you are doing, but as long as you understand Why you are doing them, the answer will be evident. Why? Because it leads to your intentions. Something specific. Not just a detail, but a motive.

Once you act upon what you “intend” to do, people will start to believe in what you do.

I may slip, trip, and fall, but I will not break or pause when it comes to my goals. I may seem disconnected or missing out on the good times, but its only to chase the road that leads to great times. I may seem quiet walking around like I have nothing to say, but its only because I treasure the intellect when you have the right thing to say.

There’s no blueprint to building something that doesn’t exist, you have to make it. A brand, a family, a life. An intention is only a driver. It’s the action that gives meaning to anything. Everything is what you make of it. Find your way and leave a trail for people to follow… They may question everything about you because they don’t understand you, but that will all change once you prove it. So when they ask Why? Why do you work so hard? Why are you not coming out? Why are doing whatever you are doing? They’ll believe you when answer…

Because my intentions are good.

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