Through all of the hard times that burn a hole in your memory, the indecision that clouds your judgment to what you’re capable of, to the madness that no one sees but you manage to cover so well, make sure you never forget to root for who’s most important… Yourself!

Now I know that might have come across as a little selfish or unappreciative, and believe me that is nowhere near my thinking, I just want you to remember and not forget to be your own Number 1 Fan. You should want to see yourself do good and be well. Want that for yourself because it’s for you. Everyday I see people (including myself) catching themselves following a person who is no different from you or me, being distinguished and prominent and admired for what they do. But I know almost for certain, they all didn’t start like that. They had a plan for themselves whether other people saw it or not. It starts from within. You have to root for yourself.

I think we sometimes forget that even though we may disregard people’s perception of us, we are also the ones giving that perception to them. When people ask me things like, “How did you win that blog contest?” or “Why do you put so much in to My Boy B?”, I just know that if I can’t believe in myself and want to see myself win from the beginning, no one out there will run the race for me. I want my own set of victories and my own set of trophies, and when times get rough, you have to be able to push yourself even when there are no other hands to help.

So the next time you’re in need of someone important to tell you something meaningful and positive, head to the closest mirror you can find, look that person you see right in their eyes and say, “Hey… I’m rooting for you.”