Daniel Arsham x Pharrell Williams @ The Standard East

Recently, New York-based artist Daniel Arsham and music producer Pharrell Williams unveiled their first collaborative endeavor at The Standard East Village Hotel in New York City. The result of their joint venture materialized as four re-creations of a Casino MT-500 keyboard, which evidently is the first instrument on which Pharrell ever created music on. After doing some research about Arsham and some of his other work, it seems like the motif for his sculptures are all very similar, but authenticated in their own way.

Interpreted different ways and created with different materials like crystal, volcanic ash, and steel, they all develop a sense of  personal identity that makes them look like once used artifacts that were dug up in the future. Hinting at the possibility that true music will never die or be washed away, these pieces are representing exactly what they are displaying, timelessness…

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