And when the winter comes,

so does the spirit it brings.


The spirit of the past.

A reflection of where your body has taken you. Everything it has went through to survive and land you in the moving presence of now, today was always your lucky day.


The spirit of the present.

A gift in its essence.

Mindful of the lessons and tactics,

yesterday was gone but always left a message… The one who was there was the one who knew the truth.


The spirit of the future.

The spirit of a change.

The notion that all it takes is a moment in yourself to journey so far that you’ll never be the same. A challenge to the previous steps taken. Forward, backward, and side to side. A dance you can only learn from being on the floor, you aren’t the only one who’s taken a wrong step before, I’ve missed mine too. The difference is I wasn’t focused on what I can’t do.


I’m definitely not the same person I was when the year started… whether that was the goal or not, I hope you aren’t either.


(It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t been as “social” as usually am or have been in the past, and its starting to throw some people off. My apologies… I just needed a moment to hibernate. A moment to collect. A moment to bear the fruits of my labor… I’m chillin’, but I’m still out here.)