Angelo Hart, a pianist out of Arizona and Chicago, brings us his first full length album compilation, Intrepid. Groomed while studying music in Chicago, Angelo has learned to create a brand new sound, fresh to classical and jazz-happy listeners everywhere.

With one man and one piano, Angelo creates a soothing but boisterous pattern of melodies and improvisational fun that each track seems to find its own pocket of notes to play in. With moments I can only image his fingers bouncing from the top to the bottom, The Air Above the Mountains is an instant flex on what he can do and what the album is about right from the jump. And then directly leading into one of my favorites, A Dreams Memories, I was instantly taken away by its soothing harmony and easing tone. Placed in such a calm place of mind just hearing the music wasn’t enough after a while, I began to feel it…

Big Moment is also another favorite of mine that grabs ahold of you and doesn’t let go. A controlled mayhem that truly epitomizes its title from beginning to end, it’s completely booming with heart and inspiration. An embodied sense of hope in this “Big Moment” that just might come with background music now.

The perfect music to get lost to, Intrepid is an incredible mix of awe-inspiring piano played music I could listen to any day of the week.

To listen to the Spotify Stream: Angelo Hart – Intrepid

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