A Free-Lance Photographer, Graphic Designer, Journalist, and Media Personality, partnerships within creative projects and collaborations are openly welcomed if in the alignment of the character of My Boy B. Partnerships can mean co-creating, co-developing, and media coverage for gallery shows, unique experiences, and all creative acts to share with the growing audience of myboyb.com.

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Creative Advertising / Artistic Direction

Experienced and eager to create, design, and produce attractive and thought-provoking visuals, directing creating advertising campaigns is where “My Boy B” can be unique and innovative.

Square 1Alone in the Man Cave | Harpers Intruder’s | My Boy B Gallery

Photography / Visuals

Specializing in editorial photography and artistic design, interpreting ideas and stories through original and emotional photographic images has become a venture of imagination. Focused on style, composition, and tactical skills, capturing moments of substance, mood, and feeling.

  Still Cozy AF| Autumn ’16 – Pantone Collection | Clae Footwear | My Boy B Photography

Media Personnel / Event Coverage

Providing a unique perspective from “My Boy B” himself, I’m here to spread knowledge and grow into a voice of influence that brings you inside the doors of art galleries, the seats of fashion shows, and face to face with insightful pieces of personality.

Spring into Style 2016PHXFW 2015 | Arizona Foothills Trendsetter | ARTELPHX