As we wrap up another year of RAWartist Showcases for local Phoenix artists, I can easily say it has been a pleasure to witness the creativity some of these people display throughout 2013. I’ve had the chance to meet and be inspired by so many creative-minded individuals, I have to give a big shout out to RAWartists Phoenix and Event Director Laura Fischer for having me be a part of their community.

So with that being said and this particular show being the Semi-Finals, you could definitely feel a sense of anxiety from the competing artists. With not only a chance to become the local RAWard winner for Phoenix, but also an opportunity to be entered in the National Competition on the line, I could imagine how they felt. So to capture the atmosphere of the night, we decided to do something special and create a video documenting the experience.

Congratulations to the winners of the night and I hope you guys keep going in what ever you choose to do.


Filmmaker of the Year – Electric Legend Pictures

Visual Artist of the Year – Crowe Withane

Fashion Designer of the Year – Kismit

Musician of the Year – Roxie

Hairstylist of the Year – Brynne Dubin 

Makeup Artist os the Year – Megan Tistle 

Photographer of the Year – Shane Baker Studios

Performer of the Year – Aerial Intensity

Accessories of the Year – Artsy Intuition