2016. A year of big steps, fashion trends, social disarray, and mannequin challenges, that early morning scroll was never short of something interesting or something trash-worthy. On the other hand, for myself personally, it was one of the most influential years of my life.

From being able to accomplish the goal of putting on some type of art and fashion showcase in Phoenix, this year I managed to help create three of them. Extending my reach and putting my creative direction on the map, the reception was truly eye-opening. In the ways of business and relationships. How to manage my time, focus my strengths, and how people truly work together to get things done, that experience alone changed my perspective in a lot of ways.

Learning lessons along the road, there were plenty of moments worth taking note I couldn’t help but catch and pass along. Your life might have taken a different turn than mine this year, but you owe it to yourself to learn a thing or two for later.

Experience is life’s greatest teacher. Make sure to pay attention.

Here are my top six lessons learned this year, what are yours?… Maybe not six of them, but how about one?… Let me know in the comments.


Photography by Johnny Rios | Editing by My Boy B

1. Good or bad, everything comes in waves. Get comfortable with riding them. Learn from the lesson and embrace the good moments. Don’t over-stress about what is not in your control, just recognize and prepare for what is.


2. Perspective is non-universal. Don’t blame or judge people for not seeing what you see, doing what you do, or acting the way you act. Our goal should be to share how unique our perspective is and open our minds to what’s in the world. What makes us the same, is that we are all different.


3. Don’t underestimate the women in your life. They’re powerful, support you, and keep you sharp. Surrounded by women that inspire me and push me to go forward, whether family or friend, its indescribable how meaningful they are to me. They’ve got your back like you got theres. Stay strong for them, like they stay strong for you.


4. Major moves don’t just happen. They’re planned, scheduled, and executed. You get what you put your time into. And if its important to you, you’ll put the time in. Whether people notice it or not.


5. It’s ok to be good at a lot of things, but be professional at what makes you money. Not in a sense of chasing money, but in an effort to create a lifestyle you enjoy. Pursuing what you do best and turning it into what you do forever is key, now more than ever.


6. My vision is always in months and years, but I can’t forget that tomorrow always comes first. The importance of planning is by far the most impactful lesson I’ve learned throughout 2016. Always looking to the future for what I want to do or how I want it to look, I can’t look past the fact that tomorrow always comes first. Take each day as it comes and use it to the fullest. Make sure each day is meaningful for the next one and see the progress you’ve made when you’re done. I’m sure you’ll be proud.