What College Really Taught Me


When I graduated college, just like every other student, I knew I was in for a huge change in my life. No more class to attend, no more note-taking, no more assignments to finish (probably the night before they’re due), and most importantly NO MORE FINAL EXAMS. So of course its all exciting and fun at first, and you may think you have all the time in the world to do exactly what you want to do, but I’m here to tell you in reality… You don’t!


Times are hard for someone just graduating college. There aren’t any good career level jobs available (ones don’t ask for years of experience knowing it’s because you were in school), the cost of living is going up, you have no where to go, and you still have to ask mom and dad for help even though you thought those days were over. It doesn’t get easier when school lets out, it gets harder. And the one thing college taught me that’s more important than ever, is the the fact that you never have as much time as you think you do. From procrastinating assignments all night, to building your own real life business, time is always a factor. You don’t have years and years to sit around and figure out what’s right and what feels comfortable, because eventually you’ll end up doing nothing and be in a place down the road wondering where the time went.

Now I can’t even lie, I procrastinate just like the rest of you, but as long as you recognize that and make it a priority within yourself, you can always change.

And when it comes to actually being responsible about where you want your life to go, your learn that time is always an issue. Personally, I think some people only go to college just to avoid the reality of doing life on their own. But that right there is the joy of having time after graduation, because NOW its up to you! You have your whole life to try new things, meet new people, go new places, and actually do things around the environment you choose. You NOW have the time to go after something you want and give it everything you got. Like I said before, there is no more class to attend, no more note-taking, no more assignments to finish, NOW when you actually stay up til 2am working on a business plan or making sure that presentation’s perfect, it’s because it has a real life purpose.

Yeah you have to take life a little bit more serious now, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do…


Always do what your passionate about, and don’t wait until tomorrow to do it…