So, earlier today as I was cleaning up and peeking around the garage, I stumbled across a box of old notebooks from what looks like my days at ASU (which basically means a bunch of half-used notebooks with scrambled notes, doodles, and plenty of empty pages haha). But inside the box, I found this really cool English assignment that a student-teacher assigned to us as a semester long project. Focused on a concept or theme of our choice, throughout the year, we were all assigned these groups of narratives and writings to create a book for the end of the class. Simple right?

I settled on notion of doing something I could easily write about and draw personal experiences from, which I titled “Overcoming Adversity and What Athletics Can Do For You.” Not to make the topic out to be super extreme or over the top, but my athletic story up to that point was a roller-coaster ride. From dealing with confidence issues because of my height growing up, to being cut from my school basketball team 5 out of 8 years, I could easily depict my subject however it needed to be done.

But as I looked through this 50 page amateur creation of mine, I couldn’t help myself as I was drawn to the “Personal Writing” section to see what I came up with. And to my surprise (but not really) I wrote a poem. Called Sometimes, the poem was an innocent and simple reflection on how anybody’s athletic career can be instrumental to their character as a person. Though we all live different lives, we’ve all had to overcome some type of adversity, especially if you’ve played any type of competitive sport.

The project took me back to memory lane and I thought today was the best day to share it with you guys… by the way, on my project got a B. How ironic. haha… Enjoy.






Sometimes sports are just a game,

Sometimes sports are a way of life.

Sometimes it can be plain and easy,

Sometimes you may have to fight.

Sometimes there will be troubles,

Sometimes there will be pain.

Sometimes you may feel different,

Sometimes you may feel the same.

Sometimes the stress may be overbearing,

Sometimes you won’t think you can do it.

Sometimes the feeling maybe amazing,

Sometimes you’ll be happy to go through it.

Sometimes you may have accomplished something,

Sometimes you may have not.

But you always knew you couldn’t fail,

If you gave it all you got.