Far From Dusty


Enjoying the warm days and the cool nights happening now in Phoenix, this small glimpse of springtime is only here for the moment before the heat waves and haboobs come rolling through, so make sure go out and play a little. As of late, I’ve been on the move putting the pieces back together for my series of art and fashion shows called Square 1 (which you’ll hear more about very soon *hint hint*), and my days off starting to be anything but “off.” Meeting with other team members, directors, artists, potential sponsors, I have to dress the part for multiple occasions.

Picked up off a Saks Fifth Avenue rack dumping all of their fall/winter clothing for summer, this dusty David Bitton Buffalo button-down is everything but that. Cut from a soft and mellow black textured pattern popped with white stitching throughout the body and sleeves, from afar it gives off a dusty or covered in some type of soot type of look. But up close you can easily see that’s not the case. Detailed with brown buttons, faded blue under-cuffs, and a fitted size that isn’t too tight or too loose, this dusty buffalo can roll with me anytime. Styled with a pair of light blue Levi jeans and a pair of brown boots ready to move with me, the transition from work time to play time can happen without me skipping a beat.

Roll the windows down and enjoy your Saturday everyone!















Photography by Johnny Rios