While we’re still in this wintertime that has real bitter bite to it this year, I think we can all benefit from keeping the sweaters and jackets out a little longer than usual. Breezy and chilly on the outside, I like being able to take off a layer when I get inside and move around. (Believe me, you would too when everywhere you go has that heat cranked up a couple of degrees.)

Rocking an Original Vintage sweater straight from the winter rack, right now, this thing is exactly what I needed. With a wool lining to keep it quite toasty on the inside, I’m a fan of the heather stitching and spots of blue that go with brown boots and blue button-down to go on top of the entire outfit. Easy on and easy off, the look and feel is on point and staying close by.

It might be jacket season, but switching it up to something a bit more comfortable can do the job too. Especially on a Sunday.