My recent fascination with Street Art has got me looking everywhere for cool pictures and murals and I’m coming across some great artists along the way. Hailing from South Africa, the original street artist Dal is painting his wired creatures on buildings all across the world. His experiments with wire, 3-D, and other materials to create captivating pieces are something I’ve never seen before. The detail still continues to amaze me on each image as it tears apart or wraps together, breaking pieces off as it splits. To me, that’s what stands out the most, the smallest minute touches that end up creating the grand overall picture. (Sounds like something familiar doesn’t it?)

Check out all the photos above, and if interested, DAL has launched a contest for those lucky enough to be in London Town (which would be a perfect get away for the summer). Contestants are asked to find and snap a pic of each mural and then post them to Instagram or Twitter using the #daleastlondon hashtag after registering online first. The first 50 players who finish this dare will be receiving a super limited prize.