I was trying to make the site better, then things got out of hand.

For all the people out there who have been visiting the site and noticed some things were out of wack and an absence of any new content or attention, I apologize. For the past month, I have been working with a developer on fixing some issues I’ve been having on the backend when I was trying to update a couple things. (I guess uploading code is not one of my strong suits). So basically chalking up the last month to site maintenance, I had the chance to really sit down and reassess some things about what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and what I have up next.

And with that being done, taking the time to look over everything and refocus on my purpose. So hopefully you see some changes in how I approach this as a “creative” platform. I no longer want to be just part of the cultural lifestyle conversation, but an individual voice that’s heard in that conversation.

I’m looking to accomplish 2 things on this Comeback attempt:

1. Offer a better blend of professional and creative content with more of a personal touch.

2. Finally showcase my form of artistry.

I’m really out to make a change for the better on how I attack this and reconnect with people all over who have a passion for creation. Getting to the purpose and becoming a standout  is back in the forefront and has me ready to go. So stay tuned and make sure to follow me on my new Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay in touch. I have some things planned for my readers and I hope you guys enjoy.