Recently released Hip Hop concept album Quantum Leapcreated by Yannick Beats and the sonically established character Varnell Hill, easily has some music that could be added to any Hip Hop playlist. Stemming from a mixture of a couple different influences, I’ve personally been playing this album regularly and already have a couple of tracks on repeat.

Inspired by songs like the fall and the feeling, I was instantly drawn to not only the creative sound of the music itself, but the meaning Varnell Hill tried to portray, a small city kid with big dreams in Hollywood. Intrigued enough to want to learn more about this character and his story, I decided to reach out and get some answers to a couple of questions for his new-found fans… Enjoy!



Yannick Beats and Varnell Hill might be one in the same person, but they have a message to deliver to the music world, and it begins with true artistry… Make sure to download his new album in entirety at, and if you want an instant song to give you an idea to what you are bout to listen to, feel free to stream some of the popular singles from Soundcloud… My personal favorite is the moonlight!