A Poetic Collection by Mark Reed Jr.

After great success with his most recent collection Could You Relate?Mark Reed Jr. has decided to treat his fans and supporters with a brand new collection of poetry entitled Puzzles.

The book Puzzles is a collection of poems for all readers. A series of readings that will make you laugh, think, and wonder. – Mark Reed Jr.

A collection that will have you putting the pieces together when you’re done, it’s difficult to describe how each piece has its own heartbeat, but they always seem to. This time around, instead of focusing on the similarities we all share, I see a definite focus on those specific situations that build us into the people we are now. The characteristics that drive us. The moments we live through experience. We all have pieces to put together, but who’s to say we aren’t pieces put together ourselves?… A great read for any poetry fan, make sure you download the full collection and support the arts…. Enjoy.


Check out my favorites below. If you would like to contact the artist directly, you can do so here (Mark Reed Jr.)

Download the Full Collection here:

Puzzles A Book of Poetry


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