Would you like a Poem?

Kept behind the scenes and something I like to do on my time, I’ve really become fascinated with the lyrical art Spoken Word Poetry/Storytelling. There’s just something that literally grabs me, holds me, and shakes me about it. You not only hear what they’re saying, but begin to feel what they’re saying. That’s what gets me. To be able to captivate and create awe with words and stories that people can relate to is an amazing talent. To be able to transform someones mindset and speak as an individual as you share your wisdom with the world is beyond inspirational.

Now I must say, I am no professional, just an avid enthusiast with a passion for creativity. But this is a way to steer my daydreaming and mind wandering into a direction that can inspire other people. (Or at least I hope it does). I have done a couple Open Mic Nights around Phoenix, and of course my first one was back in college at Kansas Wesleyan, but this is my first time making any type of video and broadcasting it. I share with you, My Art… The Quiet Lion

I really hope you guys enjoy and get the message inside of it… Make sure to comment below and tell me about it…