Every single year, people all across country can’t wait for the moment they can make a “New Years Resolution” and start an internal journey to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. But realistically, that hardly ever follows thru past March or maybe April.

I think the reason New Years is so inspirational is because we treat it like a physical reset button. People begin to treat it like a new life to where they can actually do something different NOW that its January 1st.

But why wait for a specific day to make a change in yourself? You’ll have the same distractions and situations on January 1st that you had on December 31st, so whats the point? In actuality, you can change anything about yourself on July 1st just as effectively as January 1st. If its that important to your life that you notice something needs to be done, DO IT NOW!

So instead of an official “New Years Resolution”, I’m making a list of accomplishments. I want to already have listed out, personal milestones I already see myself accomplishing this year.With school out of the way, now is the perfect time reach out and go wherever I want to become a professional in whatever I choose. So here is my List of Accomplishments for 2013:

My Boy B Did It In 2013!



  • Started a blog/website to show the world that I’m more than meets the eye.
  • Created 3-5 Visual videos for personal spoken words
  • Attended at least 5 Open Mic Nights
  • Attended Phoenix Fashion Week!
  • Took at least 3 trips out of state
  • Moved into Event Planning/Production career path
  • Transitioned into a more Professional type wardrobe


What’s on your List of Accomplishments for 2013?