After listening to Come As You Are for a couple days now, I can easily say this is definitely making its way into the rotation. Even for a mixtape, everything it was composed of was on point. The beats, the rap, and the production made for cool West Coast riding music.

The whole tape deserves a listen, but if you want a few songs first to give you an idea on what to expect, I would definitely point to Told You So, I Like It, and Do It All. Great songs that’ll get your feet wet. And if your ready to get going and get that head knocking, I suggest Theme Song ft. T.I. and Club 380 to get you accustomed.

But without a doubt, my favorite song has to be Shine. The first time after I heard it, I immediately played it 3 more times. haha. And by the theme of the video, it made the song that much more of a jam. Depicting the classic movie “Friday”, it shows the duo Oktane and Price as the infamous Smokey and Craig. Spinning off the movie throughout the video, its definitely a good reason to watch and enjoy.

You can download the Mixtape here after the jump. Come As You Are – Audio Push (HS87)