July 1, 2015


As if the year wasn’t already going by fast enough, today marks the exact day 2015 is halfway over… But the way I like to look at it, we have half of 2015 left to work with.

Whether you happen to notice or not, on My Boy B, I like to make a lot of changes. Rather yet, updates. If I see something needs some touch up, I’m all over it. This year, I’ve not only added to my portfolio, branched out to new networks, and categorized the popular section Featured Artist Friday, I’ve done this while put together my first art and fashion production for later this year. But as much as I get pulled left, right, up, and down, I’ve always made time to curate that experience for everyone to see.

From album artwork to inspiring letters to yourself, I’ve had a fun and creative half-year. A platform not only myself, but for other artists as well, I wanted to take a step back and look back at the last 6 months and pick out some of my favorite posts of the year so far…



5. Intrepid – Angelo Hart

Graced with the presence of the talented pianist Angelo Hart, his latest album Intrepid was not only a creative collection of jazz inspired melodies, but delivered in a way I can only describe as “harmonic and coordinated chaos.” Excited to provide the complete album casing and artwork, Angelo has both gotten recognition on streaming sites like Spotify and is currently out on tour sharing his craft with the world.


4. My Style: Clae Footwear

Connected with the U.S. company Clae Footwear, I had the opportunity showcase my style with 2 of their different types of their sneakers in personal form. Shot by OPPhotography, the “Chambers” and the “Mcqueens” were represented quite well.


3. Thomas Lamadieu Introduces Sky Art

A fan favorite amongst followers, Thomas and his Sky Art were a big hit for good reason. Totally amazing on many levels, the combination on photography, perspective, and vision made for some extremely cool artwork.


2. Fred Tieken Does it for the Birds

Growing fast in popularity as a local Phoenix artist, Fred Tieken may just be having fun with is paintings, but he is definitely talented staple in the community. With a style that’s colorful, symbolic, and fun, Tiekens collection “For The Birds” was a prime example of the look he likes to present and he did just that.


1. Dear Self… I’m Rooting For You

A clear-cut fixture to portray the mindset and creativity of My Boy B, this article took on a life of its own. A friendly reminder to be your own biggest fan and to want the best for yourself,  this needed to be heard more than I thought. Even with outside influences dominating your thoughts to do what’s best for them, don’t forget to do that for yourself too. You are important. Look  in the mirror and be your own #1 fan.