Another tape to add in rotation.

Before Becoming King, I’m sure a lot of people out there who listen to hip hop music haven’t heard much of King Los, but let me say this, he can definitely fill any rapping prescription you need. But to be completely honest, I haven’t even really played much Los since 2011 when he put out Worth the Wait. Yeah a couple songs here and there, but there wasn’t ever a project that stood out and grabbed a hold of me, until now.

From the beginning when he released Burn Slow featuring Wiz Khalifa, I could tell he was on a whole new level as an artist now. So as I listened to whole project, I can easily say this tape id definitely getting added to the good music rotation. With My Biz being one of my favorites, Burn Slow featuring Wiz and Doing Well (with its classic LL Cool J sample) are definite tops as well.

If you like artists who can really rap and create original songs with their own style and flow, King Los new mixtape is perfect for you.