This One’s A Keeper.

      If your looking for true hip-hop music from a true hip-hop artist, Big KRIT’s new mixtape might be something you want to plug in. Not only is his flow smooth, easy to ride to, and seamlessly effortless, the theatrical way he brings you along the tape from beginning to end is amazing. With beats that’ll have your head bouncing along, every song has its own vibe and style, but don’t get too carried away because every song also has a little BOOM hidden in there that’ll get your trunk rocking a bit.



Solely produced by KRIT himself,  its great to see someone still take an interest in the craft of rapping and hip-hop music, and embrace the title of an artist. Songs like Purpose, Meditate, and Multi Til The Sun Die prove that this is something real to him and inspiring people is what music should do. But on the other hand, if your trying to get the speakers bumping and the trunk knocking, How U Luv That feat. Big Sant, Talking Bout Nothin feat. Wiz Khalifa, and My Trunk Feat. Trinidad James are the ones to check out. Overall, this mixtape is a great collection of songs and just some good music for the avid music listener (like me). From the lyrical content to the smooth jazzy beats that sneak up on you, this one could’ve easily been sold as an album and definitely deserves to be a keeper.