Yesterday (as I aimlessly scrolled through Facebook on my phone) I saw this video that immediately caught my attention because I couldn’t help but remember how forceful it was. Not only is this poem powerful enough to have you cling to every word, but Daniel Beaty has a way of letting you inside this game that he and his dad never got the chance to finish called “Knock Knock.”

I remember the first time I heard this poem about a year ago, right when my own infatuation with poetry and spoken word was starting to rise, and I remember how I could actually feel the passion and emotion he puts into every word, every line, every Knock Knock. You can tell that this is something real to him and that’s what makes poetry so original and authentic. There’s no bass drums, brass horns, or bouncy synthesizers playing in the background of real life, but everybody has a rhythm that they live to. So when you feel the need to stand up and say something, let it be known and make sure they hear you.


“Knock Knock… Who’s there?….. WE ARE!”