For Artist and Pianist Angelo Hart, his most recent album Storyteller is an experimental mix of Jazz and Classical music, destined to connect with a focused mind. An instrumental collection of emotions and improv, bouncing around the keys like a brush from Jackson Pollock, it’s difficult to describe the genre of music Hart is making, but not the musical impact. Different from your typical arrangement of blaring mixes jamming multiple instruments into a seamless harmony, this is the story of creating with just one.

Part I of a new series that connects to the artist in their element, we took a step inside the studio to learn about an old friend pushing on to new adventures. After spending time growing up in Arizona then heading off to Chicago to pursue music, it’s there that he honed in on his craft and began creating the unique sound he expands on today.

Touching on the early life and influences of his personality and music, Part I is an introduction to the creator himself.

Watch the video and comment below… Even if it’s about the constant loss for words in my first on-screen interview, haha…

– B

Video filmed and created by Tre Frames