Expect the Unexpected.


 New event. New location. New Artists. New Ideas. 


Those are the words that come to mind when I reflect on the RAW Artists Phoenix: Kaleidoscope Event I was invited to this past week. Not only did the new location surprise the heck out of me with the hidden upstairs gallery, but downstairs had the party jumping with live bands and the always incredible fashion show. 


While hanging out upstairs for the greater part of the night, I was surrounded by people of all types and wall to wall pieces of visual art. One reason why I really like attending these events are because of the environment RAW Artists provides such an interactive showcase. I can literally go from walking in, to cameras flashing by the photo wall (done by Mohawk Photography by the way, I see you out there.), to a stage occupied by either a fashion show or a live band playing, to gallery of visual art in all its shapes and forms.


The people are always a highlight as well. This time I got a chance to meet the very enthusiastic Ardopony who showcased during the fashion show, and a very quiet but talented artist in Nicki Ferdinandus. And Mr. Jesse Perry was also a pleasure to meet. Hopefully I get a chance to see some of his murals around Downtown Phoenix we were talking about, I imagine they’re pretty sick.


Always a good time and a great way to connect with other artists, RAW Artists events continue to turn into great nights and interesting moments. Maybe i’ll step on stage and perform some spoken word someday…. maybe.