Shoutout to an Old Friend


First off, I have to give my old friend Jermmel aka Jimmy Fair a SHOUT OUT! for putting together a real good song, and then a well constructed video that coordinates perfectly.

Now I can’t sit here and say that me and Jermmel were “Best Friends” and hung all the time and sat at the same lunch table all through middle school and high school, but I could definitely say the entire time we went to school together, I could call Jermmel a friend. And to see anybody, not just him, go after a dream and try to make it a reality, I have to give some props to.

Check out is latest single and video above called Water Gun.


I can even remember him asking if it was cool to ask my sister to be in his first video as “Jay G”, filmed, directed, and edited all by him…I said yeah, but you better believe I was there!