Ok, for a while now, I’ve actually wanted to address a style note I’ve noticed and caught onto recently. Some guys rock it, some guys hate it. But for the guys out there who quiver at the idea of wearing white jeans, I say this… Its just white denim, don’t be scared.

After getting the chance to work with Levi jeans inside a local department store, I had the opportunity to help out a lot of different guys with a lot of different shapes and sizes. But over time I really clued into something. No one ever really buys the white ones?

Guys tend to shy away from white denim because its a different type of style altogether. And I don’t know why. The one thing most guys struggle with is the obvious one – man, they’re so white! Well, yes, they’re white jeans! And the great thing about white is that it is the ultimate neutral. Which means it can be paired with absolutely any color you can think of. Think of it as a compliment instead of it simply as “standing out.”

So to prove to a point, me and my crew decided to put a couple looks together, take a couple photos and give you guys some ideas about how to wear a clean pair of white denim. Its not as outrageous as you think. Its a good look. No need to be nervous… Really.


Photos Courtesy of David Ford