To: Everyone enjoying their 2014 Christmas.

I hope this christmas is different,

even better than other Christmas past.

Peppered with feelings that are sometimes too much to handle,

I think that’s why it’s best saved for last.


Some are happy to be home,

some are pissed we’re here again.

But like I said before,

I hope this Christmas is different.


Now I know for everybody it can’t be the same,

like old moments we wish we could change.

But take today as it comes, we all got problems,

so don’t be ashamed.


Just love the people that love you,

and leave the people that won’t.

If you need something to take with you,

Your presence is what matters when your presents don’t.


So I hope this Christmas is different,

even with all its sappy “glee”.

Just enjoy what today brings,

and have a Merry Christmas from “My Boy B”.