The younger brother of the two, my name is Space. The excited one. The climb up on everything one. The jump in the water instead of testing the temperature first one. That other guy, that’s my brother Skip. Idolized for our personalities and cool ways, we tend to be a stylish duo when we hit the scene together. Anything that dealt with finding the true essence of style and character, we’re about it.

Looking for that “Dope”, that special tone that makes us one-of-a-kind, that uncommon something that makes us unique, Skip came across an old legend about a man named Harper that might’ve had exactly what we were on the hunt for. A fable only passed around to the creative ones, word is if you wanted to find that “Dope”, Harper’s place was the spot to get it.
Sneaking up to the house and making sure he wasn’t home, to my surprise it wasn’t what I expected. It looked like he hadn’t been there in weeks. Maybe even months or years. For someone who supposedly had that “Dope” it didn’t seem like it was here. But no matter the circumstance, we knew what we were looking for and we had to make sure to leave with it…
Full of carved up walls and loose debris, after a while, the remains of what was left started to show this special and uncommon character to it. Original in every corner, the normal didn’t seem normal in Harper’s place. Letting the light through, uncovering areas that hadn’t see human hands in forever, we couldn’t help ourselves and wonder in between the shadows.
Then, right above us in the bedroom, we see it; that “Dope”. With no hesitation, I climbed up there, reached for it and brought it down so we can see what the big deal was about. But just like the house itself, there was nothing to it. No sudden change in feeling. No sudden mood expressions. Nothing.
It wasn’t until we turned into a room and noticed the writings on the back wall that a message was there, “Harper”. Realizing something at that very moment, I don’t think Harper is coming back.
Maybe the message wasn’t what we thought it was. Maybe it’s not about obtaining something you call “Dope”, but maybe it’s the character and style you leave behind that makes you unique. I mean, we know about Harper and his reputation, but we haven’t even seen him. No idea to who he is. But there is something about his house that exudes his spirit and his nature, all because of his name. What we were searching for was that same significance. The element to leave a lasting impression is already inside of us, we just have to believe in it so much that it stays living even after were long gone… Maybe.

Directed By Myles & Brandon

Artist Direction : The Director Of Dope (Myles)

Photography By : Skip

Role: Skip

Website: As Told by Skip

Artist Direction : My Boy B (Brandon)

Photography By : Space

Role: Space