Continuing with their most recent and popular collection “Good Fellers” (Part 1), Publish Brand is back with a Part Two and some new additions.

The collection highlights a couple added components and even includes the Colinson, which is a hybrid between a sweat pant and the Publish Brand Jogger Pant. The Colinson is a comfortable, lightweight fleece slouch style pant and actually features a large front kangaroo pocket. (A little different, but OK.) 

They also have consistent pattern through out the second half of the “Good Fellers” Collection in a new custom snake print. The Prey is a M-65 style jacket, is where the custom snake is applied to the upper portion to give the classic style piece a unique twist. Even though these pieces are really starting to grow as a trend, you can’t hide from the simplicity of the look and are becoming great essential items for the Spring/Summer closet. 

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