Would you give up sleep to be a success?… Not the type of success thats just to impress your friends or buy fancy things, but the type that creates a life that’s just right for YOU?

Initially, I would think everyone would say Yes to that question, but for how long? Too many people tend to give up on things that they say mattered to them, but in the end it really didn’t. And I’m not just talking about getting up early or staying up all night, but even getting up and out of your comfort zone too. Maybe your stuck in a rut or just want things to start happening in your favor, but it’s not going to change all of a sudden with nothing provoking it. So I say to all you people out there just waiting for your lives to take new heights and become great… Get Up. Get Busy.

“Don’t let what could’ve happen pass you by.”

Now I’m not just saying this just to say it. I believe I deserve a life of success and fulfillment and SO SHOULD YOU. Don’t let other people reflections steer your life off track. When you work hard and bypass all distractions, you’ll see it all come together. And then when it’s all over and you’ve reached that moment of success in your eyes, you can say to yourself, all I had to do was try.


3 Ways to help you Get Up and Get Busy:


  • Call Yourself Out- You are the only person that can literally make yourself physically do something. So use that to your advantage and tell the person in the mirror to get right and stop playing around.
  • Look Into The Future- Envision exactly what you want life to be like. See yourself doing whatever you need to do to make that future real. Even if you don’t know what the future looks like, imagine what you think it’ll be like and start from there.
  • Make The Decision- You have to decide that you are willing to make every moment of your 24 hour day essential to creating the life you know you deserve. Refuse to be intimidated by hard work and struggle, but instead embrace it. Convince yourself that you can overcome any obstacle and watch what you can accomplish.


“There is only one you, so act accordingly.”