You see?… It’s Possible.

“With the 33rd pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, The Cleveland Cavaliers select… Carrick Felix!”

First off, I have to give Carrick and the Felix family a huge Congratulations for this amazing accomplishment. Being elected into the NBA on draft night is something that every basketball player dreams about, but only a few actually experience. To have your name called by the NBA Commissioner, your picture on Tv screens all over the country, your phone buzzing from excitement has to feel amazing. It’s only an imaginable idea to some, but to the people that are willing to take things to another level  and continue to get better at their craft, like Carrick continues to do, moments like these are possible.


Carrick, your an inspiration my man. I’ve known you and your family since middle school/high school and played ball with you and your brothers growing up. I’m glad to see you reaching for your goals and accomplishing them in a major way.  You’ve always been a good dude and it’s cool to see you as an example of what can happen when you work hard and stay true. And with good friends like Zach, Terrance, Derek, and Cedric (to only name a few) holding it down for you in Arizona, just know that WE got your back and that you’ll always be taken care of. Good Luck out there man. I hope everything you desire to happen, happens in your favor… and I can’t wait to get a jersey!