Slamming the elements of pop culture, cartoons, typography, and his distinctive style, Tristan Eaton might have started in the streets, but its the galleries that are calling his name now.

Emerging as a bright and colorful artist, his artwork takes the form of a custom-made collage, piecing together influences that seem to resonate in one way or another. Hiding symbols and icons right in plain view, his pieces his ode to the creatives and tastemakers before him, while also presenting his work to a next generation.

“These stories started out as a simple time-capsule,” he says. “An audio record to inform the visual portrait. But as the stories poured out, I realized that they were entertaining in their own right. From Oscar winners to civil rights warriors to religious cults, there is a lot to draw from as an artist, but the stories remain strong on their own.”… I can dig it.

For my LA people, “Legacy” by Tristan Eaton, presented by Library Street Collective, will be on view at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles from November 7th through 14th, 2015. Stop by and indulge a little.

Enjoy and tell what you think!









Photos courtesy of High-Fructose Magazine