From first sight, Kendra Haste takes working with chicken wire to 3D level with her extremely lifelike and life-size animal sculptures. Captured in perfect motion, her sculptures take the true being of each animal and bring them into 3 dimensions.

A UK artist groomed at the Royal College of Art, that is where Haste began to dominantly work with painted galvanized wire and layer it upon a steel armature cut to size. As chicken wire is described to have this “sense of moment and life, of counter and volume, contrasts of weight and lightness, and solidity”, Haste has truly embrace that notion, and I can see why. Normally focused around the animal world and its dominant creatures, the art is within the attempt to convey “true emotional essence” of each meal beast. And personally, I think the capturing of the muscles on each animal is what’s amazing. The lines are so dominant, they really do start to look real and grab ahold of their shape. I bet if she began to explore the use of color on these sculptures, her art would really take off.

Commissioned to create different work around the Tower of London through 2012, you can check out more of her portfolio at her online gallery, and with the current Art and the Animal exhibition at the Ella Carothers Dunnegan Gallery of Art in Missouri.


Information and photos from Colossal 



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