Using art as a tool to shed light where there’s darkness, BK The Artist is a growing master with his complex and creative compositions mixing together space, form and multiple interwoven outlines, delivering images that are not only left to be deciphered by the viewer, but unveil a broader story within the same piece.

Ironically working out of Brooklyn, New York since 2007, BK is apparently an artist that’s been making a name for himself in the art world. Mentioned and featured in magazines such as Complex Magazine, The Huffington Post, and The NY Daily News, he also isn’t new to clients such as MTV, The WuTang Clan, and Hurley to name a few on his resume. But as you can see, it’s for good and obvious reason.

Each piece is literally an image, within an image, within an image, and it works out perfectly every time. Also know for his refreshingly original view that is both intellectual and visually stimulating, his take on current subject matters tend to be an impressive and artistic outlook as well… Very nice.

Check out some of his work below and tell me what you think…


Photos Courtesy of BK The Artists Online Portfolio

BKtheArtist - biggie

BKtheArtist - economichitmen

BKtheArtist - gravitty1

BKtheArtist - thoughts

BKtheArtist - thepowerofthealmightydollar42x28

BKtheArtist - sumofus

BKtheArtist - Man of God

BKtheArtist - newport2