Thought to have work that lacks truth, vision, and any artistic integrity at all, Sebastien Millon sure does a good job toying with  these bears, lemurs, and rabbits. With a comedic cluster of instances and one-liner situations, Millon and his critter friends are a fun reminder of how goofy we all look sometimes.

Stumbled upon during my adventure at #FirstFriday last week, I found some of these exact prints in a small shop right off-side the main street and I had to share them. Immediately caught-off by the “smart-ass” remarks of pretty much every single characters, I couldn’t help but stop at the little animals and smile at what they had to say…

They were simple and engaging enough to make you look for a second, but ridiculous and funny enough to make you laugh for a minute…

Even with the cute and fluffy characters setting the tone of the picture, the commentary brings it all back to reality with a comment we can all relate too and laugh about. Mixed with the comic style method of storytelling of blocking of each scene, they all get to the joke in a smooth but sarcastic way that brings it all together.

Make sure to check out his official work at Sebastien Millon and tell him what you think!








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