An illustrator from Gdynia, Poland, Patryk Hardziej is gaining major recognition for his surrealist style of work creating characters that live in a world like no other.

Often depicting scenarios that’ll get your heart-pumping a little, it’s not difficult to see that Patryk is having some fun exploring the contrast of what’s on top of the surface, versus what’s underneath. Riddled with emotion and feeling, Hardeziej’s characters might be a little strange and unorthodox, but hey that’s surrealism…

Taking his viewers from dark space to the deep-sea, each image creates a story within its own. From joking elements to contrasting ones, Hardeziej’s work is thorough and in all seriousness, just cool to look at…





Patryk Hardziej7

Patryk Hardziej6

Patryk Hardziej4

Patryk Hardziej3

Patryk Hardziej2

Patryk Hardziej1


Photos Courtesy of Hi-Fructose Magazine