Entering the world of 19th century living and 20th century technology, Polish artist Jakub Rozalski, aka “Mr. Werewolf”, visits the “World of Scythe”, a futuristic 1920’s view of Eastern Europe.

An illustrator and concept artist, Mr. Werewolf’s world of characters are quite the attention grabber. As these almost alien-like robots come in looking to overpower the landscape, he decides to create a scene where the humans are either unbothered by them or completely scared of them. Creating war scenes of mechanical beasts in epic battles, the Polish shepherds and farmers in the countryside work their land, possibly giving a hint towards the notion of doing things the “old-fashioned way”, it’s a great mixture of the two ideas.

Featured in his upcoming self-published art book “World of Scythe”, he is looking to unveil a whole collection of dramatic scenes and detailed machinery to the masses. Commemorating the past by honoring its history, Mr. Werewolf’s work goes levels deep, but its nothing short of awesome.



Mr. Werewolf1

Mr. Werewolf2

Mr. Werewolf3

Mr. Werewolf4

Mr. Werewolf5

Mr. Werewolf6

Mr. Werewolf7

Mr. Werewol8

Mr. Werewolf9

Mr. Werewolf11


Photos Courtesy of Mr. Werewolf’s Official Tumblr