Slamming the worlds of larger than life oil paintings and the digitized relationship we have with current technology, Justin Bower’s is set to release his newest exhibit “The Humiliations” this week at UNIX Gallery in New York.

Based in Los Angeles after stopping at the University of Arizona to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Philosophy, Bowers looks at his work as a “decoding of the human body.” A concept that covers our development for the need of technology to the point that it because a part of us. He defines ‘humiliations’ as an undermining of our own singularity as a species. Communicating his message through fragmenting his subjects, where digital or artificial qualities have become a part of their makeup, no longer is there a choice to whether we control technology, but a seemingly permanent attachment to it. (Deep right?)

Hand-painted and jaw-dropping, it’s difficult not to notice the complexity of these pieces. The unknown subjects, staring back at you as they try to hold themselves together from the transformation into a simple piece of code. Creative, colorful, and fun to look at, make sure to check out his past and his present collections. Exploring the ongoing decoding of the human body, a formula to each individual’s genome, confronting us with a radical question of “What are we?”, check out some of his work below.











Photos Courtesy of Hi Fructose Magazine