Apparent up-and-coming Photographer Elizabeth Gadd is making a splash with her awe-inspiring and scenic based photography, moving her around the world to take some of the coolest photos of her friends you can take.

Hailing from Vancouver, Gadd might venture into the world of landscape photography, but with the subtle addition of human point of view, these photos bring a lot into perspective. Drawn from the worldly landscapes of Hawaii, Iceland, and Oregon, its easy to see the pull towards the oddly geometric and cool environments taking the forefront.

“Having grown up in this beautiful area, she fell easily in love with the surrounding forests, hills, mountains and ocean – All of which are heavily incorporated in her photography.”

Photos like these are meant to be creative, and they are. Photos like these are meant to inspire, and they do… Enjoy!


Photos Courtesy of High Fructose and Elizabeth Gadd’s official Portfolio


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Elizabeth Gadd2

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