For this weeks Featured Artist Friday, instead of finding a different artist or a new exhibit from around the world, I decided to look in my own backyard and find an up-and-coming artist to show everyone. So for today, Augustine Tellez is that artist.

A local creative out of Tolleson Arizona for his recent years, Augustine is a fun and humble character with a cool but still evolving style. Creating art for the love of it, I got the chance to meet up with him at the Gallery Celtica on Roosevelt Row (where he likes to call home) and chat about his work.

Having participated and displayed in local showcases around Phoenix, his style of splatter and spray paint creates a very nice collection of cool pieces for some fun and standout artwork. But what makes it even more special, is that you can have an original piece created if you simply reach out to him. Willing to create something one-of-a-kind for everybody, that right there shows how much he just loves to paint and practice by doing.

So check out some of his artwork below and let me know what you think.





p.s. Augustine is currently in a major art competition that will send 10 winning artists to the world-renowned SCOPE Art Showcase and be granted access to participate in the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Artisan Series Mural Project. So if you like his work and want to support, click the voting here (Voting Page) and enter the keyword “ballerina“. #supportthearts